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Report on the lecture of Professor Zhu Suli of Peking University

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On Oct, 28th, Professor Zhu Suli, doctoral tutor and director of Peking University Law School gave a lecture on “ Thoughts about Interactive Judicature and Great Mediation” upon invitation in law school. The lecture was hosted by Professor Tang Lei, director of Sichuan University Law School and commented by Professor Gu Peidong.

Accompanied by warm applause, Professor Zhu, Professor Tang and Professor Gu entered Wenhua Students Activity Center and took seats. Then the lecture began with Professor Tang’s humorous words.

During the lecture, Prefessor Zhu explained the relationship between interactive judicature and great mediation in a humorous tone. From the concept of legal system to the disadvantages of Adversary System and the advantages of Inquisitorial System, from the relationship between mediation and judgment to the “Luzhou Mistress” cases, his lecture covered both the theory and practices along with consideration of interactive judicature and great mediation.

At last, Professor Gu made some brilliant comment including academic position of scholars, sources of problems , opinions and research methods. In addition, he reminded all the people of the sensitivity and methods to get to know the world. When it comes to the style of Professor Zhu’s lecture, he labeled it as “Li Baiqing Style”.

The lecture ended after audiences finished their speeches.

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