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Professor Xiang Chaoyang of Law School attended “First International Forum on Criminal and Cri

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From Oct 24th to Oct 26th, 2009, the “First International Forum on Criminal and Criminal Law in the Era of Globalization”, hosted by China University of Politics and Law ,took place in the “World No.1 City” of Xianghe, Hebei. The forum was attended by officials from UN and EU and nearly 200 experts including criminal law scholars and justice department officials from 12 countries such as US , Germany and Japan and those from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong SAR and Marco SAR. During the three-day conference, scholars from around the world, with consideration of increasingly serious problem of the globalization of crimes , began from the organizational inter-state crimes and carried out in-depth discussion on how to make the world wide cooperation over the prevention and fighting against crimes . Professor Xiang Chaoyang of Law School attended the round-table conference and discussion upon invitation

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