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Seminar on the recruitment of talents of Law School

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At 3:00pm. Nov 25th , the seminar on the recruitment of talents of Law School took place in the conference room No.125 of the Literature Arts Building. Professor Li Xufeng, dean of Sichuan University Human Resources Department, Professor Cao Ping, dean of Sichuan University Social Science Department and Gao Wei, associate director of the Office of Sichuan University “985 Project” and Subject Construction were invited to this seminar.

Hosted by Professor Gu Lifeng, Secretary of the Party Committee, the seminar was attended by newly-recruited talents Professor Long Zongzhi, Professor Xu Jimin, associate Professor Xie weiyan and associate Professor Wangzhu and all the leaders of Law School.

During the seminar, Professor Gu Lifeng firstly introduced the main content and goal of the seminar, which aimed at promoting the development of the university, the school and the experts themselves through the opinions and suggestions of the recent newly-recruited talents. After the introduction ,some professors made some free speeches on their opinions and suggestions on subject construction, talents recruitment , project application, cultivation of young teachers, construction of library ,holding of academic activities and so on.

Professor Li, Professor Cao and associate director Gao answered the questions raised by the teachers present and confirmed the importance of this seminar..

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