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Section of Economic Law Teaching and Research Introduction

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There are six people in the section, including a professor, four vice-professors, one lecturer. It undertakes undergraduate course "Economic Law", "Commercial", post-graduate courses, "Basic Theory of Economic Law", "Company Law Research," "Competition Law", etc.. In recent years, the auspices of the Ministry of Education Reform Higher Education in the New Century Project "Internship Postgraduate Research and Practice," North America United Board for Christian Higher Education Fund, the Asian "Sino-US comparative study of the legal instruments", Sichuan Province, philosophy social science project "Economic Analysis and Legal monopoly control "," developing the western region of Sichuan national cultural heritage and traditional knowledge system of legal protection research, "colonel-level Youth Project" Our company is dissolved, the liquidation of the legal aspects of research. " Commitment to Quality Course in Sichuan Province, "Commercial Law" construction projects. More than 40 articles published, published three books, and two teaching materials. The past two years, there are five students passed an entrance test of Renmin University of China Business Law, China University of Politics Economic Law, Chongqing University Economic Law, Sichuan University doctor of economics, four in consultation with the Law of China Law Studies Academic Council meeting got second and third rewards.

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