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Summary conference for further study and practice the Scientific Outlook for Development was held in

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At 3;00pm, Sep 4th, Summary conference of Law School for further study and practice the Scientific Outlook for Development was held in Mock Court.. Guided in person by Professor Yang Quanming, secretary of the university CPC committee and hosted by Professor Tang Lei, director of Law School ,the conference was attended by more 70 people, including Fan Siyun, associate director of Sichuan University Supervision Department , all the school staff and student representatives of CPC.

Professor Gu Lifeng, secretary of Law School CPC committee, made a summary of the learning activities of Law School. Professor Yang pointed out that the summary was objective and comprehensive and that the leaders of law school had paid a lot of attention to relevant job , while the activity was a success with active and wide participation.

Professor Yang expressed his four expectations for the school’s following job. Firstly, to further study and understand Scientific Outlook for Development and brand it on our minds like national consciousness. Secondly, to put the plan into practice so as not to lose people’s trust and to check over at the end of the year. Thirdly, to fully fulfill the plans we made during our learning activities and to spare no efforts to achieve our goals when we are clear about out directions. Finally, to better organize our team and our staff. Both our team and our staff should hold tight to our political positions, be creative, cooperative ,honest and disciplined. Meanwhile, the establishment of main force team should be strengthened with special attention to the combination of recruitment and cultivation. Our goals were sure to be realized as long as we unite all our strength and fight for it. Everyone was greatly encouraged by Professor Yang’s speech.

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