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Constitutional and Administrative Law Teaching and Research Introduction

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Constitutional and Administrative Law Teaching and Research-cum-Legal Studies, Sichuan University, Center for Human Rights of existing teachers, four people, including a professor, associate professor 2 lecturers 1. Commitment to undergraduate course "the Constitution", "Administrative Law", "Legislative Studies", "Comparative Constitutional Law", "Chief case studies" graduate "the constitutional case studies", "Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law case studies", "Legislative Act research "," Western Constitutional Thought, "" foreign constitutional studies "," foreign administrative law "," Study of Human Rights "," Independent Study "," people's congress system ", etc.. In scientific research, the teaching and research of teachers in recent years, chaired the National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, 15 planning projects, and the four provincial-level task of international cooperation projects 4, was the Ministry of Justice Law Award for outstanding scientific research and the provincial and ministerial level 2, etc. Excellent Philosophy and Social Science Award 3, publishing books, teaching materials and more than 10 department, more than 100 articles published Xueshulunwen. The instructor-student teaching and research, there have been two of Oslo, Norway University School of Law Master of the whole Bill of Rights Award, received a Master of the United States Temple University School of Law, all awards, 8 to participate in an international academic conference held in China.

In the legal practice, the teachers, teaching and research agency of the height of discrimination, hepatitis B discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination, life-discrimination (with the life of different price), etc. more than the constitutional right to equality and anti-discrimination lawsuits, in the domestic and international legal theory and judicial practice sector has had a major academic, legal and social implications. Height discrimination, discrimination against hepatitis B in 2004 to promote standards for the improvement of the national civil service examination.

In external cooperation, the teaching and research teachers to the United States Yale University School of Law, Columbia University School of Law, American Foreign Academic Committee, University of Turky, Finland, Norway, Oslo University School of Law, City University School of Law and other academic lectures and went to the German Max Planck Institute for Comparative Visiting Research Institute of Public Law and International Law, on a regular basis to invite domestic and foreign experts and scholars to conduct academic exchanges.

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