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Section of Civil and Comercial Law Teaching and Research Introduction

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There are 13 people, including three professors, 4 associate professors, 6 lecturers. It offers undergraduate course "Civil Law", "Marriage Law, Inheritance," "Contract Law", "tort", "Property Law", "personal rights law", "Securities Law", "civil case study", post-graduate course "Civil and Commercial Law remarks, "" comparison Civil and Commercial Law, "" Intellectual Property Law, "" Labor and Social Security Law, "" asset securitization "and" Intellectual Property Law. " Commitment to the State Social Science Fund, "Civil Liability for securities transactions", the Ministry of Education Fund for outstanding young teachers, "A Comparative Study of Listed Companies", China-EU higher education cooperation project "China-EU labor mobility and supporting laws and regulations research," Social Science Project in Sichuan Province "The market economy and the notary legislation" horizontal issues "of new real estate study of difficult legal issues", "contract resource management theory" and "developing the western regions of the suburban real estate market-oriented legal mechanism," "real estate were to set the Problems with the registration laws "and so on.

Tutors have published books such as, " research of Civil Code ", "Civil and Commercial Law Research Frontiers", "TRIPS Agreement and the convergence study of intellectual property law in China", "stock market risk-legal mechanisms", "Contract Law of the trapped Jin and risk prevention "," China's Road and the Chinese Civil Code "," typical of the new sub-solution of marriage and family research "," Legal System of China's population "," Comparative Civil and Commercial Law Studies "and" new Marriage and Family Law remarks, " "The new Marriage and Family Law (Expert Series)" and other academic works 18, and "commercial law" (institutions of higher education twenty-first century series of textbooks compiled integration of the legal profession), "Contract Law Tutorial", "Chinese Legal System", "China and France remarks, "" Civil sub-theory "and" Labor Law "and other materials 13. And has published 252 papers, published 196 academic journals, at academic meetings on 38; provincial and ministerial level awards a total of four, have won major national outstanding teaching achievement awards a total of two, provincial and ministerial level outstanding teaching achievement awards a total of two items, as well as by other research awards 5.

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