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Population Research Institute Introduction

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Population Research Institute was established in 1979, the Institute is one of the first batch of departments which received the United Nations Population Fund’s financial aid, and is the Ministry of Education as the Population Research and Training Center in Southwest China. In 1983, allowed by the bureau of educational degree of State Council to raise a Demography Master degree. In 1997 the institute merged with the Faculty of Law, Sichuan University, as Sichuan University Law School, now to be exclusive Research Institute of Demography of Sichuan University Law School. At present it is mainly responsible for demography research and training of graduate students. The institution has full-time researcher, vice-researcher 4. Since 1983, 52 students have been enrolled for achieving a Demography Master degree, and 38 have already graduated and received a master's degree.

Main research directions: (1) Human resource development research; (2) Southwest minority population and development; (3) population information management; (4) population and sustainable development.

Since the establishment of the discipline, the institution undertakes 9 national-level research projects, (such as " West Basin Plains Non-full employment of labor resources in rural development of empirical research ", "urban-rural dual unitary evolution of the social structure of rural economic restructuring: An Empirical Study of the Chengdu Plain "" Since 1990, China's population movement and mobility of employment-related research "," Sichuan modern population studies ", etc.); more than 10 provincial and ministerial subjects and one Ford Foundation ("Investigations and studies of Non-full employment in Chengdu Plain and its surrounding areas in western China "," Southwest Minority Population Studies "," Yi population studies, "" poverty-stricken population study of economic problems "," Sichuan modern population studies "," Sichuan Yi Tibetan population and family planning research "," Studies on population issues in 23 poor counties in China, "" Tibetan community with the population "," China's poor rural areas and old-age insurance "," China's Population compilations of historical material, "" Chaos and population system of intrinsic randomness, "" mixed Tibetan areas in Sichuan and neighborhoods, economic development, population, community-case comparison ---- empirical research "and so on.

Main achievement: the number of published monographs is more than 20, (such as "Human Resource Information Management", "Explore the road to full employment," "cities, or into the town: the road to explore the non-agricultural farmers," "China's Tibetan population and society" , "Poverty and development path chosen," "the challenge of rapid population growth and Countermeasures", "modern Sichuan population", "A New Europe and the United States, said modern sociology," "Outline History of Western Sociology," "the challenge of rapid population growth and Countermeasures" , "Human Ecology", "English * Chinese-English Dictionary demographic categories," "cross-century Chinese population * Sichuan Volume", "A New modern Western sociology" ,"Introduction to Nonlinear demographic", " Outline of History of Western Sociology ") the amount of published papers, the investigation report articles is more than 600.

Since the institution established, researchers have been given provincial and ministerial level Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award 18, in which one first prize, second prize 9, third prize 8.

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