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The “2009 Training and Communication Conference for Newly-recruited Teachers, Youth Teachers and Cre

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At 3:00 pm, Sep 23rd, 2009, The “2009 Training and Communication Conference for Newly-recruited Teachers, Youth Teachers and Credit System Tutors ” was held in the Conference Room No.125 of Law School. Hosted by professor Li Ping, associate director in charge of teaching, the conference was attended by school leaders, experts of the school supervision group, instructors for undergraduates of all grades, newly-recruited teachers, youth teachers and Credit System Tutors.

First comes the speeches of school leaders. Director Tang lei emphasized the core status of teaching and said that the school would actively create a good environment for the development of youth teachers in hopes that the youth teachers will actively participate in all kinds of teaching and research activities with the aim of the exchange of teaching methods and the improvement of teaching quality . Secretary Gu Lifeng encouraged youth teachers to try their best to improve their teaching, to make rapid development and to put more emphasis on the quality of teaching and academic ability while ensuring the completion of their job. Based on the teaching work, associate director Li Ping introduced the background , goals and significance of this training and communication conference and made some assignment and explanation on the problems in the Credit System instructions. Associate director Li Zan emphasized the inter-promotive and closely-bonded relationship between teaching and science research. He especially pointed out the importance of attitude towards teaching and that youth teachers should make early plans for their teaching career.

Secondly, teaching secretary Wang Xiaoyuan introduced Credit System and the 2009 teaching plan. “Excellent Credit System Tutor” Luo Rong shared her experience and afterthoughts of the credit system guidance work with the teachers present.

Then the experts of the school supervision group made their own speeches. Professor Zhao Binshou confirmed the general improvement of teaching quality. Professor Han Shiyan also encouraged students to treasure the job and the environment and to give first priority to teaching.

During the conference, youth teachers present carried out in-depth communication and discussion and gave many suggestions and opinions. Through this meeting, youth teachers had gained a better knowledge of their directions and goals and their obligations had been made clear. In the meantime, youth teachers had given some useful opinions and suggestions which will facilitate the development of teaching.

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